The control of soil conditions during pile construction, characteristic of the FRANKA NG technology, allows the current reaction and modification of the technological process in order to achieve the assumed load capacities and thus contribute to the creation of safe structures.


Typical application areas for FRANKI NG piles:

  • bridge structures
  • wind power plants
  • gantries
  • ship docks
  • industrial installations and tanks
  • halls and industrial buildings
  • tall buildings


Nurture / environmental impact

The use of a guide pipe ensures that the FRANKI NG pile making process has a low noise level. It also enables the application of the technology in the immediate vicinity of existing buildings. When manufacturing FRANKI NG piles, there is no need to remove the material, as it is completely compacted during the piling process.

FRANKI NG pile technology also saves the environment through low CO2 emissions per 1 MN.


Economic benefits

The appropriate adjustment of the execution possibilities to the ground and the situation on the construction site allows optimising the load capacity and length of the piles. More than 100 years of application of the technology in construction is based on refined technology, high standards of execution and high economic benefits.

Main advantages of FRANKA NG piles

  • control of bearing capacity and possibility of ground conditions correction
  • elimination of settlement unevenness
  • uniform stress distribution in the foundation footing
  • high load capacities with small diameters
  • transmission of high horizontal forces by the construction of trestle piles
  • sealing of layers
  • watertightness
  • ecology, i.e. lack of spoil for disposal and low CO2 emissions per 1 MN
  • Health and safety – dry and stable work platforms – high level of employee safety
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